Mendoza & Wine

We arrived in Mendoza last Thursday (Feb 2nd). First things first, I need to mention that buses in Argentina (Andesmar and Flechabus in particular) are AMAZINGLY comfortable. Their buses include WiFi, meals, wine, whiskey, and some even play bingo for free bottles of wine! This is a big plus when traveling because some distances are very long, more than 20 hours.

Back to Mendoza… a fairly large city, the 4th largest city in Argentina and the largest wine producer in Latin America. There are many activities one can do here: hiking, canopy tours or zip lining, rafting, bungee jumping, skydiving, horse riding, etc. Despite all of this, being the good wine-o’s we are, the main reason why we wanted to visit the area was to visit wineries and drink!

Old wine barrel from Mendoza

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