The Galapagos Islands

Galapagos: an isolated archipelago formed by volcanoes millions of years ago where only 3% of all the islands are inhabited by humans and animals are as curious about you as you are about them. We had the pleasure of spending 11 days at this enchanted place and are already discussing when to go back. Keep reading!

At the Equator

Quito has many things to offer aside from its interesting location on the equator and its altitude as one of the highest cities on earth. This beautiful city is nestled between mountains and volcanoes. A gigantic statue of a virgin divides the old (north) and new (south) parts of town. We spent most of our time in the old Quito, known for its colonial buildings and churches. We stayed here a few days before our flight to Galapagos. Adam took advantage of the great internet connection during the day and I went adventuring on the busy streets of town. Here are some pictures of the places we visited:

La Ronda, a bohemian street with art galleries,  entertainment, restaurants and small corner stores selling traditional items, food, and drinks. One of my favorite drinks was the “Canelazo” made from naranjilla (a sweet fruit), cinnamon and liquor de cana… delicious! Especially on a chilly night.

El teleferico, a gondola ride with amazing views to all of the surrounding volcanoes (that I couldn’t see because Keep reading!