Trekking Torres del Paine – Part 1

There are times in life, often we look for them, other times they spontaneously happen, when we quiet our minds from the normal daily thinking to reflect. We revisit accomplishments; good memories and bad memories; disappointments; dream about future plans; we relive the sensations and how they made us feel; we return to them and try to understand why they happened; we decide what we learned; or we simply think of them one last time to forget them forever. I just spent five days like that, without expecting it, while trekking in Patagonia.

Welcome to Patagonia

The trek we took is called the “W”. Named after the shape of the route, it is a must-do, 75 kilometer hike through the Chilean national park: Torres del Paine Keep reading!

Hiking the Villarrica Volcano

Volcan Villarrica

From Valparaiso we went south to Pucon with one purpose: hiking the Villarrica Volcano! Pucon has that mountain town feeling, very clean, rustic wood cabins everywhere, offering many outdoor activities with gorgeous views to the Villarrica volcano and the Vilarrica lake. We had heard comments that the excursions to the volcano can depend on the weather so we went to a guide agency right away to make sure we could go the next day.  They also recommended us a cozy hostel/house ran by a sweet Chilean lady named Lucia. Keep reading!

Valparaiso and Vina del Mar

Sunset at the bay, Valparaiso

A new country to cross off from our wish list: Chile! It took us six hours from Mendoza to go over the border to Valparaiso and I can’t tell you how happy we were to see and feel the breeze of the Pacific, we were craving it! Some words that describe Valparaiso: hipster, bohemian, beach, cultural, art, graffiti, Pablo Neruda, left, colorful, sunsets. Keep reading!