Chilling in Buenos Aires – part two

Tonight is our last one in Buenos Aires. I took a stroll this evening around Palermo SOHO and as I walked back, looking at the people sitting outside the restaurants in the plaza, walking their dogs in the park, and a local singer playing live bossa nova in the street I was already missing it. This is our first little experience living in a big city and we loved it! Our highlights in the last ten days are: completing our Spanish and photography classes, visiting one of the nicest neighborhoods: Recoleta, , witnessing our first real tango experience, and tasting the pizza at a famous local restaurant: El Cuartito.

On Wednesday evening we attended a Milonga at an underground salon called “La Catedral”. After some searching we spotted a normal random door without any sign marking it in the middle of a busy street in the city. We climbed a set of dark stairs and found ourselves in our first tango dance hall. Keep reading!

Chilling in Buenos Aires – part one

It’s time to catch up! I know it has been a long time since our last post, but we have been living a somewhat normal life in Buenos Aires for the last 18 days. Although our life has been “normal”, there is still plenty to write about!

About BsAs– The capital of Argentina; colonial and modern at the same time; definitely Latin, but with a European feel; a mix of music, culture, art and fashion; filled with many tourists, but they blend well with the locals. With a population of 13 million, BsAs is the most populated city in South America. It is huge! with lots of everything: cars, Keep reading!