Monteverde Costa Rica -The Cloud Forest

Monteverde is located 4.5 hours north west of San Jose above the coastal towns. The town feels very safe and people were extremely nice everywhere we went. As soon as we arrived from San Jose, a guy from a local shop called our hostel and Andres (the owner) came to pick us up (free of change) showing the hospitality and kindness of Monteverde. Surprisingly we came across a lot of Americans, in the past the majority of travelers have been Europeans. There are many activities you can do in this misty little cute town: zip lining, tours to chocolate, cheese, and coffee factories, hikes at two different national parks, night forest excursions, bungee jumping, horseback rides, and more. We choose a canopy tour and a hike in the Monteverde cloud forest reserve (bosque nuboso).

Zip lining, or canopy tour as the locals call it, was an awesome experience full of adrenaline. Keep reading!


Montezuma is one of those places where you stay longer than you planned, or at least that is what happened to us. One night became five, filled with surf

playing with animals from the balcony of our amazing hostel, Luna Llena Keep reading!

Bocas del Toro – Panama

We were so close that we couldn’t resist visiting the islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama, and it was 100% worth it! Despite the fact that immigration demanded we buy return bus tickets from Panama to San Jose (even if you don’t want to go there), hassled us to take a bus to Altamirano, and charged us random fees… once we arrived it was a great experience. Bocas del Toro is formed by many small islands thirty minutes from Altamirano, in the Caribbean. The most popular is Colon, known as a party island with lots of young tourists and hostels. We only stayed one night in Colon, and instead opted to go a lesser known island called Bastimentos. Bastimentos is a rural island, with only 600 people, no cars and only a few restaurants. It has the total flavor of the Caribbean, colorful little houses, music in the streets and kids playing all over the island.

We stayed in Tio Tom’s hostel, a set of bungalows built over the water. Tom and Ina, a couple from Germany, own and run the place. They offer a family dinner every night for any guests that would like to join. We really enjoyed chatting with all the travelers and the food was always excellent. Tom is quite the character which resulted in some interesting conversation. Keep reading!

Playas del Caribe al Sur de Costa Rica

Hola! Our recent adventures have taken us to the southernmost part of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. After a five hour bus ride from San Jose, we arrived in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca. I would describe Puerto Viejo as a lively, young, touristy beach spot. We stayed at the Vista Verde Hostel owned by a friendly German couple; Olaf and Kathy. During our time there we rented bikes and pedaled down the coast to various smaller beaches and towns: Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Punta Uva and Manzanillo. Our favorite beach there was Punta Uva. Keep reading!

Our second day in San Jose

Today is our second day in San Jose, Costa Rica. So far our experience here has been great! Even though we haven’t explored town that much, we have met very friendly Ticos (Costaricans) and have enjoyed some authentic food like “casado” (meat with rice and beans). The hostel we are staying in is very laid back. The people here are from many different countries, mostly in their 20’s. It is cozy with a hippy-international vibe. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. So far, the weather has been tropical, sunny during the day and raining on and off in the evenings. We are heading to Puerto Viejo and the Caribbean beaches tomorrow!!! Here are some pictures of the Bekuo hostel and San Jose, Saludos!

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