Goodbye WordPress!

WE HAVE MOVED TO !!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve changed the name from Travel Mementos to The Weegs (our last name). This inspiration came from the idea of making the blog more personal and representative of us.

We have also updated the design entirely, including a new logo. We’ve added new content like: “Map”, “About Us” and “The Blog” in order to provide a better description of who we are, what are we doing, and how we do it. Check out the latest welcome post for more info.

If you subscribe to our blog via WordPress, we have made it easy for you and automatically transferred your email subscription to the new website. You should receive an email about it soon.

Finally we have become independent from for a variety of reasons. Many thanks to the community for your help and support with Travel Mementos! We couldn’t have done it without you. Our new website will include all past content and any new posts to come!

Please take a look around the and tell us any thoughts or suggestions, they are always welcome.


Pamela and Adam (The Weegs)


If what we like describes who we are or a little of our personality, we like to try it all and see it all!  We are a mixture of cultures and flavors. A day with us could be zip lining in the morning, eating at a local food stand for lunch and a jazz bar at night. We enjoy wine and a profound conversation or a beer and Sunday football.

Right now we are traveling around the world. This blog will give you a taste of our journey. You are welcome to meet us along the way. Enjoy!

Pamela & Adam