Roadside Charms

The west coast of New Zealand’s south island was quite a road trip (among the world’s top 10 according to Lonely Planet!). South island Kiwis take pride in their small population. I am surprised they have kept it that way since it is such a majestic place. Along the west coast it was only us, the Tasman Sea, a few surfers and a coffee shop here and there.

West Coast HWY 6, Tasman Sea

Around Punakaiki we found a very unique kind of pancakes; rock pancakes! Through a layering weathering process called stylobedding, these rocks have formed into what looks like piles of thick pancakes.

Pancake Rocks

Lake Brunner (I think) caught our attention along the road. I really liked the reflections of the vegetation around it, a post card like scene.

A pink sunset completed our drive half way down the south island to Franz Joseph. This little town overlooks the glacier and it’s surrounded by streams and mountains.

Franz Josef

Fox Glacier

Close up pictures of the glacier coming in our next post when we do a hike on the Franz Josef Glacier.

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